Cosmetic Dentistry

Downtown Los Angeles Dentist Provides Zoom Teeth Whitening “Dr. K” can give you a Hollywood smile at a downtown discount

Zoom! is an advanced tooth whitening procedure that is safely provided in office for dramatic and immediate results. The convenience of Zoom! makes it the perfect choice for any busy individual who's looking for a whiter smile.

Downtown Los Angeles Dentist Kourosh Yousefzadeh, D.D.S. (Dr. K), can make your smile sparkle in an hour. That’s all it takes to remove up to 8 shades of discoloring with best method equipment.

While you relax, our Zoom Teeth Whitening expert will start by putting a gel on your teeth and then go over it with a special light that activates its bleaching power. We also provide you with Zoom home gel for touch-ups between the normal twice-a-year treatments.

With our habits of frequently drinking coffee, tea, colas, and wines (and not brushing right afterwards), teeth can quickly darken. Those who smoke or take certain prescription drugs experience speedy discoloration, which may also be the natural result of aging.

Reserve your appointment now for the fastest way to get a gleaming smile makeover that can transform your career and personal life: +1 213-DENTIST (336 8478). Smile L.A. Downtown Modern Dentistry is located in a beautifully restored historic building near the new Pershing Square, convenient to bus lines and metro stations (we validate for parking in the building; check directions at