Smile LA offers the best dentist – Los Angeles has to offer!

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We are proud to announce that Smile LA offers the best dentist Los Angeles has to offer.

We are an established dental center with offices in Los Angeles. We are a dedicated fir to ensuring Los Angeles residents, as well as those of surrounding neighborhoods,  have good dental health and their smile remains bright and natural. We understand that the teeth being a key feature on one’s face are crucial for general facial outlook and appearance which means that dental defects and complications may work towards killing one’s esteem and social life.

There are several procedures that we offer at our practice, both for cosmetic purposes as well as general family dentistry that we apply to patients of all ages, adults and children alike. A few of the common procedures offered at our clinic have been discussed below to give you a basic understanding on what to expect from us as well keeping you up to date on the current trends in treatment in dental practice.


There are several reasons why you would need a natural tooth extracted. The most common scenario is tooth decay that leaves the affected tooth severely damaged that they have to be extracted and replaced. Another common scenario is when it comes to wisdom teeth removal in adults. Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that begin to sprout when one gets to the ages of 20 -25.

During this period, sometimes the wisdom tooth lacks enough space to sprout properly which leads to them getting partly impacted in the gums. This results in a lot of pain and discomfort on the patient. However, with our qualified dentists, this needs not to be a cause of worry for you. The affected teeth are easily extracted by our dentists and by use of our efficient equipment and treatments, the experience is quite comfortable for you, having minimum pain.


These are simple appliances that are strategically placed on the front surface of teeth. They are meant to mask defects in a tooth such as discoloring, fractures, and cracks as well as misalignments. The veneers are manufactured at our dental labs and using specifications from your other teeth, we can come up with options that fit the individual tooth perfectly and do not appear unnatural to the eye. Once you live our clinic after a veneer procedure, you can freely smile to your colleagues and maintain confidence in your interactions.

Teeth Whitening

This is a highly demanded service, reason why we have to include it in our dentist Los Angeles experience. Stains on teeth may affect your appearance and even affect your self-esteem. However, with the new technology at our clinic, we can transform that smile to a gleaming white in a matter of minutes. We offer the laser treatment option which is very efficient as well as highly effective. The desired results are achieved at the clinic, which means you leave a satisfied being with a brand new smile. Besides these, we also have many other procedures at our practice, and everyone is welcome to try us out.

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