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 Painless Tooth Extraction in Downtown Los Angeles

Top-rated Downtown Los Angeles Dentist Provides Painless Tooth Extractions

Downtown Los Angeles dentist Kourosh Yousefzadeh, D.D.S. (Dr. K), knows that many people connect the word “extraction” to pain and hesitates on seeing the dentist to get proper treatments. However, today with all the advances in ways to alleviate pain, even tooth extractions can be done gently.

 Painless Teeth Removal in Downtown Los Angeles

One of the most common extraction procedures is wisdom teeth removal, they usually appear between the age of 17 and 25, after all the others. Resulting in problems such as over crowding of teeth, improper chewing, or misalignment.

Having those teeth extracted are the routine solution and should be done sooner, rather than later, to avoid further problems. Other reasons for extraction could be a severely infected, broken or damaged tooth that cannot be repair with other treatments.

In some cases of any tooth extraction, it may be necessary to also do a bone graft to add bone that is necessary for supporting the neighboring tooth. Downtown Los Angeles dentist “Dr. K” and his expert team can give you a comprehensive exam to determine all your oral health needs.

 Tooth Extraction  Bone Grafting

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