Root Canal Treatment

Downtown Los Angeles Dentist Relieves Tooth Pain With Root Canal Therapy

Root canals treatments are needed when a tooth have become badly decayed or infected. Without timely treatment, the area surrounding the tooth can become infected as well and lead to further complications. Several symptoms that can occur when a root canal is needed include:
★ A major toothache (often along with a headache)
★ Swelling of the face or gums around a tooth.
★ Pain when you chew in that area.
★ Sensitivity there when you drink/eat something cold or hot

What these may indicate is the need for root canal therapy and an immediate examination is advised. The hollow channels or canals of the tooth’s root can carry the infection into the jaw and bone loss can cause the tooth to fall out.

Dr. K has taken many advanced courses so that he is highly-trained to treat any type of infected root canal to preserve the natural tooth. This can be done gently and comfortably by removing the infected tissue. The area is then sterilized, filled with artificial pulp, along with medication to prevent another infection, and sealed. Sometimes a crown is placed over the remaining part of the tooth to strengthen it.

Root canal procedures are complicated and don’t always work perfectly. The recovery needs to be monitored and in that event of failure, retreatment may be needed. Sometimes this may also involve the infection of the root tip, in which case an incision will be made, called an apicoectomy, to take out the damaged tissue.
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