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Sleep Apnea Treatment in Los Angeles CA

Breathing or cause shallow breaths while you sleep. Downtown Los Angeles dentist KouroshYousefzadeh, D.D.S., says that most people who suffer from sleep apnea are not even aware they have this or its impact on their overall health.

Over 20% of adults have it. The most common symptom is snoring, so if your partner complains that you keep him or her awake, you should have a diagnosis as soon as possible.

Risks of not treating sleep apnea may include:

• Higher incidence of high blood pressure.
• More likelihood of heart failure.
• Higher probability of having a stroke.
• Greater chance of having diabetes.
• Higher percentage of Alzheimer’s.
• Weight gain.
• Lower sex drive.
• Impaired driving skills (it is a major cause of car accidents).

Sleep Apnea Treatment Patients

Other symptoms:

• Sleepiness and fatigue during the day, even after enough hours in bed at night.
• Problems with concentrating, fuzzy thinking, and poor memory.
• Irritability.
• Morning headaches.
• Depression.
• Frequent waking in the night gasping for air

The disorder occurs when either there is excess tissue in the throat restricting intake of each breath or a failure of the brain to send the correct signal for breathing when asleep. This results in sleep disruptions hundreds of times during the night, without the sufferer being aware.

Few specialists are treating this problem and the most common solution is very uncomfortable. The Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) device is a tank of air that feeds into a mask that is worn over the nose while sleeping, requiring the individual to lie on her or his back all night.

After Sleep Apnea Treatment Patients in Los Angeles CA
Best Dentist in Los Angeles CA For Sleep Apnea

It adds to the discomfort by causing dry eyes, mouth, and nose, as well as a feeling of claustrophobia for some. So why is “Dr. K” the best doctor to diagnose and treat sleep apnea? This leading downtown Los Angeles dentist can examine you and have you tested. If the results are positive, you have three better solutions:

• Some types can be remedied with a medication, which will be prescribed.
• Other cases require minor throat surgery to remove the blockage, which is painless.
• Most commonly requested is a night guard, a custom-made appliance that fits comfortably in the mouth at night to hold the tongue and jaw in their proper place, so you can breathe easily without any disruptions.

The downtown Los Angeles dentist and implant specialist team at Smile L.A. invite you to have a no-obligation exam to assess your dental health, to help you decide what the best solution will be just for you. Financing available. Call us to set up your free exam +1 213-DENTIST (336-8478).

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