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Gum Surgery Downtown Los Angeles

Gum Surgery Downtown Los Angeles

“Dr. K” and his team can improve dental health and improve your smile with gentle and comfortable gum surgery. Often, periodontal or gum disease has advanced so far that having the hygienist scrape off the hardened plaque or doing deep cleaning is not enough and gum surgery will be necessary.

If not stopped, the gums become detached from the teeth which will result in tooth loss. The bacteria of periodontal disease can also significantly raise the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers. Gum surgery is performed by our highly-experienced American board certified specialist, a periodontist. We will make this process as pain-free as possible for our patients with local anesthetics or nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas.

Periodontal Gum Surgery

Our periodontist can also perform Osseo surgery in cases where the infection of the gums has extended into the jawbone and needs to be cleaned out. If the damage is extensive or gum disease has eaten away too much of the bone, a bone graft can be placed, which will integrate with the jaw and provide support for natural teeth or dental implants.

Our downtown Los Angeles dentist team also provide periodontal gum surgery for a smile line correction, one part of a smile makeover to make your smile more attractive:

Dental Crown Lengthening

1. Receding gums: This popular procedure helps the gum grow back to their proper level with gum grafting so your teeth will not appear too long.

2. Gummy smile: In the opposite case, you may have gums that are naturally excessive or teeth which are short or have eroded, resulting in a “gummy smile.” The gums can be trimmed back to their ideal ratio to the teeth.

3. Crown lengthening: This procedure is needed when there is not enough of the tooth structure available to place a natural-looking artificial crown after the cleaning process, crown Lengthening removes a small amount of gum and surrounding bone to attach the new crown that will give your smile the proper proportion.

Set an appointment for a comprehensive exam to determine what your dental health and smile makeover needs are: +1 213-DENTIST (336-8478). Smile L.A. Downtown Modern Dentistry is located in a beautifully restored historic building near the new Pershing Square, convenient to bus lines and Metro stations (we validate for parking in the building; check directions at

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