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Best Downtown Los Angeles Dentist Helps Patients with General Dentistry

In dental treatment, there are various different dental professionals who can address your dental issue. Since there are various dental complications in existence, most dental clinics have different types of dentists for dealing with such issues. General dentistry is one of the most common dental services requested on a normal day at the dental clinic.

This normally involves simple dental procedures that do not involve intensive dental procedures. At Smile LA dental clinic, you can get various types of general dentistry services for both tooth treatment and restoration. Visit them today for fast and efficient dental treatment.

Types of general dentistry procedures

When it comes to general dentistry, any certified dentist can perform dental treatment. This is because this form of treatment does not require any surgical processes. Most general dentistry services last only for a single session except if the dentist has to work on multiple teeth making the duration longer. One of the main common general dentistry procedures is tooth extraction.

Tooth extraction

Tooth extraction is quite common since it offers a permanent solution for extremely decayed teeth. If the dentist finds that your tooth is decayed beyond restoration, the best solution may be tooth replacement which will mean that your natural tooth will have to be removed. Tooth extraction may also be recommended to treat crowded teeth.

If teeth are crowded because of large teeth that occupy a small space in the dental structure, the dentist may have to remove a single tooth in order for the other teeth to return to their regular position. Visit Smile LA dental clinic today and enjoy fast and effective tooth extraction services.

Tooth cleaning

General dentistry also involves tooth cleaning. Tooth cleaning involves the use of dental instruments to remove plaque and tartar from the surface and crevices of the teeth. During this procedure, the dentist does not have to use bleaching agents to clean your teeth.

Rather, the dentist scrapes off any materials on the tooth enamel and uses dental mouthwash to remove any deposited materials in the teeth. The dentist will also perform thorough flossing and brushing to ensure that your teeth do not have any foreign materials.

Oral cancer screening

Not many people usually go for oral cancer screening. While these incidences are usually low, it is advised that you should visit a dentist frequently to get oral cancer screening in order to reduce the chances of late detection. Oral cancer is best treated when it has been detected early enough. At Smile LA dental clinic, you can request for oral cancer screening which takes only a few minutes to fully complete. During the screening, the dentist will use gloves to check the insides of your mouth.

Oral cancer usually occurs by developing lumps in the inner mouth tissues. The dentist will check for such lumps and if any scan their consistency for cancerous properties. After oral cancer screening, the dentist will guide you on how to check for such lumps by yourself thus maintaining your general dental health.

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