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Experienced Emergency Dentist

Downtown Los Angeles Dentist Dr. K Is an Experienced Emergency Dentist

Downtown Los Angeles dentist KouroshYousefzadeh, D.D.S. has worked in local emergency rooms and understands the whole range of dental problems that need treatment right away, as well as the emotional roller coaster they create for patients.

If you believe the crisis may be best resolved by a highly-rated emergency dentist with some delay, “Dr. K” will be alerted by the after-hours medical exchange if you call his regular office number: 213-627-5895.

Dr.Kourosh – Professional Dentist

You can take over-the-counter pain medication while waiting for an emergency appointment with Dr. K, or he can call in a prescription for something stronger plus antibiotics if needed, depending on the situation.

Any dental condition that causes major pain or discomfort, severely impacts your ability to eat or speak, or otherwise requires immediate attention should be best treated by going to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Many emergencies can be avoided with good preventive care, so be sure to have regular check-ups and get advice on how best to maintain your oral health.

Call downtown Los Angeles dentist “Dr. K” for a comprehensive exam during regular office hours: +1 213-DENTIST (336 8478). Smile L.A. Downtown Modern Dentistry is located near Pershing Square convenient to bus stops and Metro Stations (we validate for parking in the building; check for directions)

213-DENTIST (336-8478)
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