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Downtown Los Angeles dentist KouroshYousefzadeh, D.D.S. (Dr. K), knows how missing teeth can affect one’s confidence when smiling, even if it’s just one tooth. Many of us have lost more due to inadequate training in how to care for our teeth.

He can help restore your oral health and a happy, full smile with dentures or dental bridges. What they have in common is the ability to keep remaining teeth from moving to fill the gap and getting out of alignment or the jawbone from deteriorating due to periodontal disease. Dentures come in a number of types and can last for numbers of years if prepared by a top dentist with the aid of a highly-skilled dental lab.

Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures

These are for those who need a replacement for a full set of upper or lower teeth or both (patients with few healthy teeth usually prefer to have them extracted painlessly for the best fit).

Overdenture in Los Angeles CA


These are placed on top of dental implants for stability.

Partials Dentures

If you still have many healthy natural teeth, having a fixed or removable partial appliance will keep them from moving and creating gaps that will trap food particles, resulting in gum disease.

Immediate Dentures in Los Angeles CA

Immediate Dentures

These are molded right after teeth are extracted and allow the patient to have the full ability to chew, speak, and smile when they leave the office. They need to be adjusted during the first months as the mouth heals and fully relined 6-8 months after extraction for a permanent fit. Dental bridges are an inexpensive alternative for those who are only missing one or a few teeth.

Various types can be bonded to the teeth or implants adjacent to the missing ones, including fixed and removable bridges.

Downtown Los Angeles dentist “Dr. K” invites you to meet with his team of experts for a comprehensive exam to determine your current dental health and the best options for your optimum smile. Call +1 213-DENTIST (336 8478) Our office is near bus stops and Metro stations in the beautifully restored landmark Sentry Building near the renewed Pershing Square (get driving directions at and we validate for parking).

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