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Dental Implants To Replace Lost Teeth

Get Dental Implants To Replace Lost Teeth

Dental implant is the new way to improve the appearance (and other functions) of your teeth due to tooth loss. Most people don’t realize that having a single missing tooth is dangerous.

If not replaced, the adjacent teeth will begin to change their position to fill the gap, which causes other teeth to shift and the bite to become severely misaligned.Bone underneath where the teeth used to be will also be lost and might require an expensive bone graft to stabilize the jaw.

Dental Implants For Lost Teeth in Los Angeles CA

Highly-rated downtown Los Angeles dentist Dr. Kourosh Yousefzadeh (Dr. K) has been trained to provide sophisticated, natural-looking dental implants as replacements for teeth that have either fallen out or need to be removed. These are more permanent than a denture or dental bridge. Dental implants look and function like your natural teeth.

Thanks to recent advances, implants are the perfect solution. A pain-free process places a titanium post where the missing tooth’s root was and over several months this will integrate with surrounding bone to act as a solid anchor.

The Implant insertion will be provided by the in-house American Board Certified Periodontist. Dr. K will then work with a ceramic master to prepare a dental crown that looks exactly like a healthy version of the tooth it is replacing, matching the shade of the adjacent teeth so that no one will know it is a crown.

The implant will not decay and will be stable and strong, so you can chew just as you did before. If you have lost many teeth and just want a better and more stable denture, we can anchor a denture with implants to make it much stronger, so that it functions like a normal, full set of healthy teeth.

implants to make Theeth Stronger

The downtown Los Angeles dentist and implant specialist team at Smile L.A. invite you to have a no-obligation exam to assess your dental health, to help you decide what the best solution will be just for you. Financing available. Call us to set up your free exam +1 213-DENTIST (336 8478).

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