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Dental filling

Filling is a procedure that is performed to treat cavities or to repair cracked or broken teeth.

Most old fillings were done by using amalgam, which consists of mercury mixed materials that can have a negative impact on health due to the presence of mercury. Experts say that old amalgam filling should be replaced with new composite resin fillings which are made of tooth-colored material. Downtown Los Angeles dentist “Dr. K” uses a new generation of an advanced composite.

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These are made of resins that are used to match your tooth color and can be shaped to look exactly like a natural tooth. That means that if a cavity occurs on front teeth or if they are chipped or broken, no one will notice when it has been repaired with composite material.

Advantages of the new generation composites over other fillings:

  1. They are easy on the eyes since they match your natural teeth color and appearance.
  2. They don’t require as much of the tooth to be removed, therefore provide more support.
  3. They are not as temperature sensitive as others, which help prevent cracks and tooth fracture.
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