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Dental Implants in Los Angeles CA

All About Dental Implants

In spite of improvements in dental medicine, there for a long time has been no effective dental treatment option for missing teeth. Patients who lost their natural teeth either due to infections and dental complications or cases of physical trauma and accidents have been relying on dentures and dental bridges among other dental procedures. However, neither of these treatment methods has been as effective the new improved dental implants. Smile LA has a dental practice with offices in Los Angeles that among other procedures offers efficient dental implant procedures that will restore you to your desired dental health using procedures that are carefully designed to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the experience.

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium screws that are surgically inserted in a patients jawbone. They are meant to take the place of the teeth’s roots, and they offer firm support for replacement crowns, making them firmly fixed in place, just as the natural teeth would be. Dental implants are an effective solution because, with them, you are able to return to normal teeth functionality with all the benefits that would be there with natural teeth. This is in terms of appearance as well as stability since with proper care and maintenance, the teeth replacements, can last just as long as the natural teeth.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants come with a huge range of advantages, which has made them among the very popular as well as most demanded treatment among patients today. One of the advantages comes into appearance. With dental implants perfectly inserted and the replacement crowns set in place, your facial appearance is as good as it gets. Your smile becomes perfect, and with the high perfection that guides our work at Smile LA, it is impossible for anyone to differentiate the replacement crowns from the rest of the teeth. That way you can smile all through your daily interactions without the fear of anyone realizing you are on dental treatment. Unlike the case in loose-fitting dentures, the dental implants offer solutions that are comfortable for the user as the replacements are intact with no risk of shifting during talking or the risk of falling off. This also goes a long way in maintaining one’s speech and flow as comfort allows for normal mouth movements and functionality. Besides that, dental implants are durable as there is no risk of them getting damaged while bonded in your jawbone. Dentures are also very convenient as they eliminate the shame of occasionally having to remove the dentures like when going to sleep which is not only a tedious task but an awkward one as well that will leave you labelled weirdo among your peers.


Smile LA is an established dental practice with qualified dentists that will comfortably take you through your dental implants treatments. Once you have been recommended for dental implants, you will be immediately booked in for a procedure that will result in efficient teeth replacements that will cater your cosmetic dental needs as well as maintain the normal functionality of your teeth.

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