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Tooth implants

Issues addressed by dental implants Los Angeles at Smiles LA

Dental Implants Los Angeles are fixtures surgically placed in the jawbone which they fuse over a specified period. Here at Smiles LA, we provide various high-quality dental services of which dental implants Los Angeles is one of them. Our services are deemed the best within Los Angeles.

Types of dental implants Los Angeles

  • Endosteal dental implants Los Angeles– With this, dental implants are placed inside the jawbone. Usually they are made of titanium and shaped like screws that are small in size. Here at Smiles LA, our dentists commonly used to this type of dental implants.
  • Subperiosteal dental implants Los Angeles- These dental implants are placed under the gum but resting above the jawbone. Though, they are not widely used due to the poor lasting effects.

Issues addressed by dental implants Los Angeles at Smiles LA

Not all persons can be suitable candidature for dental implants. However, there are some issues that most people are suffering from which makes dental implants to be used in the major. Some problems such as discoloration of the teeth and bleeding of the gums are among the issues which cannot be addressed by dental implants, preferably the dentist at Smiles LA will screen your dental and know the appropriate treatment to be administered.

The issues which can be treated using dental implants Los Angeles are:

  • Missing teeth.
  • Teeth loss as a result of aging or accidents.
  • Periodontal disease.

But there are a few aspects that might imply your candidacy which include:

  • Presence of gum bleeding.
  • Complications with your biting.
  • Poor overall health.
  • Less adequate bone in the implant site.

Costs of dental implants Los Angeles

Typically, the price of a single dental implant can range from $1,800 to $4,800 depending on some factors.

These factors are:

  • The number of teeth to undergo dental implants.
  • The sensitivity of the dental case.
  • The duration is taken to conduct the treatment.
  • The location of treatment alongside the area’s cost of living.

Generally, we at Smiles LA offer you affordable rates putting into consideration the above factors. On average, our prices range from $1,200 to $4,000 for a single dental implant Los Angeles with discounts at particular instances.

Benefits of Dental Implants Los Angeles

  • Improved overall oral appearance. Since dental implants possess a natural look and feel they tend to boost your appearance.
  • Improved teeth appearance. Your dental appearance will look elegant with dental implants.
  • Your self-esteem will improve drastically; this is harnessed by the improved smile.
  • Less eating and chewing problems.
  • Improved speech. Poorly fitted dentures can make you develop slur or mumbling of your words, therefore, hampering your speech. But with dental implants Los Angeles this will no longer be an issue.
  • You will possess long-lasting effects since the dental implant is durable compared to dentures.

Drawbacks associated with dental implants in Los Angeles

Dental Implants Los Angeles are quite expensive and require surgical operations which are a hindrance to many patients. Sinuses and nerve problems are also the risks involved alongside infections at the Implants sites.

At Smiles LA we tend to make sure that the dental implants Los Angeles procedures are as painless as possible and offer you the best dental services.

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