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There are several services that we offer at our dental Los Angeles clinics

Dental Los Angeles

These are both in cosmetic procedures to improve your teeth appearance and smile as well as in general dental procedures to ensure your dental health remains at its optimum. We are a board-certified dental practice with offices in LA where we have been keeping a good number of the population smiling through our diverse treatment methods. Some of the main procedures and treatments we offer at our clinics have been discussed below.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most effective restorative dental procedure today. This is due to the advantages it offers over other methods such as dentures and bridgeworks. Dental implants are titanium screws that a dentist surgically inserts deep in your jawbone where they are meant to bond and provide an artificial root for a replacement crown. This method is effective because with the implants in place, the replacement teeth will be firm and stable with no risk of falling off.


We also offer teeth replacement options for patients with lost teeth. To fill the gaps where the natural teeth have been lost, our dentist begins by examining the mouth and taking molds of your teeth. This will enable them to come up with exact measurements for the replacement teeth thus fitting them perfectly for them to appear natural. The technology we use at Smile LA helps in reducing the risk of error, and once the job is done, no one will be able to differentiate the replacement crown from the rest of the natural teeth.


We also do teeth extractions at our dental Los Angeles clinics. There are a number of reasons that may lead one to need tooth extraction, as much as we’d like to avoid such a scenario. The reason could be physical trauma that leads to breaking of the tooth to the extent that it cannot be saved. Tooth decay could also severely damage your tooth and cause you to have an extraction. Whatever the case may be, you do not have to be too afraid for the procedure. Our practice has done its best to make the operation as easy and as stress-free as possible.

Our dentist will begin by ensuring you are numb to avoid pain. This is after you have been put under local anesthesia and given time for it to kick in. The procedure does not take much time, though it varies depending on the teeth being extracted. However, after the procedure you are given some painkillers, and you should be okay in a few days.

Dental Scans and X-Rays

We also do 3D X-ray scans at our clinics. This is needed in diagnosing patients, and it is important as it allows the dentist to monitor your dental health. We recommend regular check-ups for our patients, and in doing our dental examinations, we can detect any dental conditions if there be any, and we can resolve them early before they become serious complications.

Dental issues are often a severe case making you visit the dentist

However, the hassle of finding the best dentist Los Angeles might entirely consume a lot of your time and you will end up in the wrong dentist’s hands who instead of offering the right solution will worsen your problem. This is not to imply that all dentists don’t possess the right skills instead some unscrupulous […]


When you hear the term ‘dental’ what comes across your mind?

Dental Los Angeles Ever heard of the term ‘dental’ or when you hear the term ‘dental’ what comes across your mind? Dental Los Angeles is a term that means related to the teeth. At Smiles LA, it is our prospect priority to help you in preserving and taking care of your dental health. Dental deformities […]


Types of dental implants:

Dental Implants Dental implants are artificial teeth roots that are surgically positioned into the jawbone beneath your gums. Once in a better position, they allow the dentist to mount replacements teeth unto them, and the perfect place to get your dental implants is here at Smiles LA. Types of dental implants: Endosteal dental implants- These […]

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