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Dentist procedures


Smile LA is a dental practice with offices in Los Angeles. We specialize in dental care providing quality dental service into our patients. Our dentist is a qualified and certified practitioner having gained many years of experience in successful practice. Visit us today and allow us to handle your dental issues leaving you to worry free and confident in your incredibly bright smile.

Dental procedures

Our dentist is experienced in most of the common procedures in dental practice today. Whether the patient is in need of general dental service or cosmetic procedures to enhance appearance, we are well equipped to handle their needs.

General Dentistry Procedures

The services we provide under general dentistry are many, and they all work towards a common goal; maintaining oral health by preserving the natural teeth. Our dentist provides services both for children and adults, so he is fit to be your family doctor. The procedures he provides include teeth cleaning and examining to maintain the patient’s oral hygiene.

This is a preventive measure, and it helps reduce the chances of infection. The dentist recommends his patients to get cleanings at least 3 times a year. Another common service is the application of crowns and bridgework to help repair worn out teeth which are done at the clinic. We also offer fillings for decaying teeth and sealants for the prevention of cavities.

Besides this, our center is also equipped for cancer screenings, and the dentist may run these on you to detect any complications that are curable if treated early. Other procedures that our dentist commonly offers are teeth extraction for teeth that can’t be saved as well as root canal therapy. TMD procedures are also a specialization of our dentist. Patients suffering from pains in the jaw while biting and chewing are advised to book an appointment with us for consultation and treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

We are capable of improving your smile. Most of the procedures that achieve this are quite simple though there are a few that are a bit technical and require a professional practitioner. We offer inlays and on lays, which helps restore teeth’s shape. This option is convenient for damaged teeth that can’t be cured with normal fillings but are not too damaged to need an entire crown. The procedure is a restorative one, and it involves drilling of the tooth to clean and remove decay before the on lay or inlays are applied.

There is no pain as the patient is under local anesthesia. Dental veneers are another procedure that we offer.  The dentist prepares individual veneers for each patient after examining the case so that they solve the specific condition of the patient. The veneers are really efficient, and they are a solution for most cosmetic concerns.  They help patients with crooked teeth, teeth gaps, cracked enamel, and such cases. The dentist uses an adhesive to apply the veneers on the front surface of each tooth achieving the desired result for each tooth.

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Whatever concern you may have about your oral health, you are welcome to visit us.

Our friendly staff will attend to you, and you are sure to leave the clinic with a bright smile.

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