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Dental Implants Operation Los Angeles

Dental Implants Los Angeles

Dental implants are a highly effective method for filling gaps created by missing teeth. Implants have been around in the market for some time, and they are basically the most effective restorative dental procedure today. Implants are even more effective today as with recent technology the patient does not have to go through many months to get the implants.

Smile LA is equipped with the latest technology and equipment to give patients a complete procedure of extraction and implants all in one session. The Technology, Immediate Ultra tooth, is FDA approved and enables you to improve your smile in a single session.

If you are in need of dental implants in Los Angeles from a qualified practice, we have got you covered.

Traditional vs. Immediate Ultra tooth Approach

Some people would assume that the immediate ultra tooth approach that allows the patient to undergo an extraction, and get the titanium implant screwed and temporary albumen inserted on the same day would result in poor quality. That is why they would prefer to use the traditional approach which would take them months before they got their preferred look. In the traditional approach, the process to get an implant will have been divided into various visits.

The patient gets the titanium implant screwed into their gum on one visit then they have to go home with a gaping hole and return to get the prepared crown at a later date. Sometimes the patients are given removable appliances to cover the hole, but the process of wearing those is tedious and uncomfortable. The long wait is unnecessary as with the immediate ultra tooth approach the patient gets the same result in one day. After the dentist has extracted the tooth and drilled the implant in place, they insert a temporary crown to cover the hole as you wait to get the porcelain crown at a later time. This removes the worry of having to hide a missing tooth hence boosting your confidence.

The Procedure

When you visit our clinic for an immediate implant the length of time for the procedure will depend on the treatment. Some patients may need to have an extraction of the previously damaged tooth. The dentist will put you under local anesthesia to keep your gum numb and prevent pain. After the extraction, the dentist will begin to screw the titanium implant through the gum and jawbone.

This serves the purpose of a strong root for the artificial tooth. Following this, the dentist placed the temporary crown in place to cover the gap, and you are ready to leave. The dentist will have taken a mold of your tooth, and your new artificial crown will be prepared in the dental laboratory. The dentist will notify you as soon as the crown is ready for a second appointment to remove the temporary one and fix the new one.


After the dental implants Los Angeles operation, the dentist will advise you to eat soft foods. The implant needs time bond with the jawbone, and during this time you shouldn’t put unnecessary pressure on the area.

Tooth sensitivity will be common so you will have to keep your food and drinks at a comfortable temperature. Visit the dentist for the second appointment to get your final crown, and when you are completely healed, you can get back to normal functionality.


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