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Looking for gum graft procedure in downtown Los Angeles?

Are you feeling something not well I your gum area?  Did you feel that your gum receded?  It might be a case of gum recession.  You need to see your dentist so he can evaluate your situation.  This is also to avoid more damage or prevent it from escalating.  Gum recession is the effect of gums that wears out, exposing the teeth.  The condition exposed the tooth, and because it is slowly developing, people don’t notice it is occurring.

What is gum graft?

Gum grafting is another type of dental surgery to fix receded gums.  It is a straightforward procedure wherein the dentist removes healthy gums, to replace the damage gums.

Types of gum graft surgery

There are 3 different types of gum graft.

  • Connective tissue grafts include removal of tissue from the roof of the mouth and taking tissue from underneath the top layer. The dentist then stitches the tissue on the existing gum, to cover the exposed tooth root.  The flap then stitches on the roof of the mouth, from where tissue was taken.
  • Free gingival grafts are preferred by many people with thinner gums, who require extra tissue, to keep their gums enlarge. This will require removing tissue directly from the roof of the mouth.  This tissue then stitches to existing gum area.
  • Pedicle (lateral) grafts. This is the opposite of free gingival grafts.  This preferred by people who have lots of gum tissue near the exposed tooth.

The periodontist may opt to get the tissue in a tissue bank.

Recovery from a gum graft surgery

Patients can aid recovery by following these:

  • Refrain from brushing the affected area. This will cause stress in the treated teeth.
  • Use mouthwash which effective in controlling plaque. It is necessary to control plaque build-up, to avoid complication with the treatment.
  • Taking antibiotics to minimize chances of infection. Chance of infection is high after surgery, so it is better to take the antibiotic as a precautionary measure.
  • Avoid strength exercise. Gum surgery is a delicate procedure.  Avoid hard exercise to keep away from complications.
  • Avoid hard food. Hard food will stress the gum area.  So avoid it, until completely healed.
  • Eat soft and cold foods, such as ice cream, cheese, yogurt, etc.


Gum graft in Los Angeles

Gum graft in Los Angeles is available at Smile L.A. Downtown Modern Dentistry, in downtown Los Angeles.  They offer gum graft and many more dental services to the neighborhood.  They are managed and run by dental professionals, who have the skills and experience to perform such procedures.  They are also equipped with the latest technology in the dental field.

Smile L.A. can be found online at, and there you can see the satisfaction of their past customers and with the user-friendly interface they have, exploring more of them is made easy.  Smile L.A. can be your partner in obtaining the best of your dental health.

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