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Straighten Your Teeth for the New Year

Invisalign is a system implemented in orthodontics to gradually align your teeth. Invisalign is dependent on a sequence of holders known as aligners that are placed on your teeth in order to realign them after some time.

The sequence of trays is formulated from plastic. The aligners are made of a material that is almost invisible when they have been put on. They are not permanent and are therefore easy to remove. If you are in need of teeth alignment and do not wish to wear the unappealing braces, there are many dentists who can do Invisalign in downtown Los Angeles.

The teeth aligners used in Invisalign are supposed to fit perfectly on your teeth. The aligners slowly but progressively shift your teeth to the desired alignment. The aligners are easy to put on and remove which makes it easy for the wearer to floss and brush them

How teeth are straightened using Invisalign

Before an Invisalign is made for your teeth at the Smile LA Downtown Modern Dentistry, several procedures take place. The first is the preliminary examination during which the dentist takes a sample of your dental formula by the use of a mold in order to see the current alignment of your teeth.

The sample is then scanned in order to obtain a 3D view of the teeth alignment. The 3D scan indicates the teeth that need to shift to facilitate proper alignment.

A copy of the 3D scan is sent to the laboratory in order for an aligner to be custom made for that patient. The sample should be accurate in order for the aligners to be accurate too.

In most cases, individuals will require about 18 to 30 plastic aligners which will be changed every fortnightly in order for the alignment to be complete.

Benefits if Invisalign as compared to braces

The first and most obvious advantage of Invisalign is the absence of metal on your teeth. The braces are very unappealing and also very uncomfortable. The plastic aligners are almost invisible when worn; they are made of clear plastic. Plastic does not have rough edges to injure your gums or lips making your mouth uncomfortable.

Aligners are also easy to wear and remove which makes the task of brushing and flossing your teeth less tedious as compared to braces. With the aligners, the fact that they can easily be worn and removed makes it possible for the individual to get other dental services and care even during Invisalign.

It is also possible to remove the aligners during functions and social events when you want to pose for pictures. You can also remove them before taking food that can be harmful to them. We all want to eat without having to worry that there will be bits of it stuck in the braces.

The aligners at the Smile LA Downtown Modern Dentistry are custom made for each individual client. There are some patients whose alignment process might be much faster compared to others depending on their aligners.

If you have been neglecting having your teeth straightened due to the unappealing look and discomfort of braces, Invisalign in downtown Los Angeles is here to help you align your teeth the simple and comfortable way.

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